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Translation Services

Have a look at the types of software translation services we offer. We translate Marketing, UX/UI & SEO Content for SaaS, Martech, and Fintech businesses.

Our clients in the software development sector know that 9 out of 10 global users will ignore their product if it’s not available in their native language.

We make it easy for our customers to capture new foreign markets and revenue streams by providing translation services – for Marketing, UX/UI & SEO content – that result in higher user engagement and satisfaction.

Software translation isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution, especially when Marketing and SEO come into play, so we offer a wide range of services in order to help our clients achieve their globalisation goals.

Regular translation is one of the most common types of translation services. It involves the translation of your content into the language of your users to make it accessible to them. This is especially useful if your users are international and your brand needs global awareness, or if you are looking to expand into new markets (such as Spain or Latin America).

Translation in this sense involves transferring the content of a text quite literally from the source language into the target language. It’s ideal for content that doesn’t involve culturally specific concepts or turns of phrase, such as factual information (e.g. a website’s privacy policy) or technical documentation.

If this sounds like the translation service you need, you’re in the right place. We’re the best Spanish translators to call – as experts in both software and marketing, we’ve worked with the biggest names in eCommerce, martech, retail, tourism, and fintech.

In the grand pantheon on translation services, localisation is the best approach for texts or products with a strong cultural or geographical component (e.g. an app for booking adventure experiences in different countries). Localisation ensures that your brand and content is adapted to target language, regional, and cultural specifics.

Localisation involves adapting texts for a specific market rather than simply translating them. It goes one step further than literal translation because it acknowledges the target culture, habits, and mindset. It’s been proven that fine-tuning your marketing strategies to the local norm will help your brand resonate with your customers on a personal and emotional level.

In other words, we adapt the content for local consumption so it will have a global reach with a local feel. Localising SaaS applications may involve anything from adapting verb inflections in CTA buttons to tweaking cultural references, proper names, the customer journey, and more. We frequently use it for evocative content aimed at eliciting an emotional response in the reader.

If you’ve been researching types of translation services, you may have heard of transcreation. This service entails the creative translation of marketing collateral and is a blend between “translation” and “creation”. It focuses on the intended impact of your message. In other words, transcreation goes one step further than localisation because it creates a new text from scratch that will maintain the intent, style, and tone of the original.

We re-package your messaging in a way that reinterprets your brand according to the target culture. Transcreation is common for marketing collateral such as blog posts, slogans, ads, or specific content with a strong narrative (such as a brand video). It’s also used for web and social media content, music lyrics, book titles, and any other writing that needs to resonate authentically with your target audience.

While it doesn’t technically fall within the realm of translation services, cultural consultancy certainly complements them all. This is a service our clients get every single time they work with us. Consider the following questions:

  • In markets such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela (which are more experimental and indulgent), what’s the best channel to get in direct touch with customers?
  • Should you prove your expertise for your leads to convert more rapidly in Spain, or will they be more influenced by testimonials?
  • Do you have to maintain your brand voice for each market, or can you adapt certain key messages according to individual countries?

Cultural consultancy is crucial because it’s at the very core of marketing communication. We advise you on the best marketing strategies for each Spanish-speaking market you want to target.

SEO translation is a newcomer to the translation services world. A key component of a multilingual SEO strategy, SEO translation is the process of optimising the visibility and discoverability of your foreign-language content in the target market. After all, there’s no point in localising marketing assets if nobody can find them in the target market. Just like the source language copy needs to rank high on search engines, so do its several localised versions.

SEO Translation involves thorough on-page optimisation of your content for the chosen target market. We determine what local keywords should be targeted in the meta tags and in the body copy, so that Google can rank your content accordingly. We also determine the local search strategies that will help you attain the highest rankings possible without any black hat tactics or other shortcuts.

Whichever translation service you pick, editing and proofreading are necessary steps to ensure quality.

Editing is vital, as involves the careful examination of a text to find and correct mistakes in grammar, spelling, punctuation, register, and accuracy. It’s also where the text is checked for compliance with any client-specific guidelines that might have been provided.

After editing is complete, proofreading makes sure that the text is error-free and flows well. While the editor is in charge of comparing the translation with the source text and making sure terminology is accurate, syntax is meaningful, and content is relevant, the proofreader goes only through the target text without referring to the source.

Some of our clients translate their documents internally and need a Spanish proofreader to check them. Some others are not quite happy with a recent translation they got somewhere else. Whatever the case, we’re eagle-eyed editors and proofreaders ready to perfect any text you bring to us.

Our editing is so good that several Fortune 500 companies rely on us daily! We are in permanent charge of many big brands’ editing needs, checking every single text they post online.

From research papers to marketing collateral and training manuals, we will be the extra set of eyes you need. That is, we will catch any typos, linguistic errors, or the odd sloppy sentence. Our Spanish proofreading encompasses European Spanish and Latin American Spanish.

Transcription is the process of converting spoken words into written text. We transcribe anything that is recorded, be it an interview or a conference call. We also transcribe podcasts, speeches, marketing videos… basically any audio you want to turn into text.

We hire only native Spanish speakers who are experienced transcriptionists with top level training in the field. That’s why we deliver error-free work on time, every time.

Our transcription service covers all Spanish-speaking markets, so whatever the dialect of your audio material, we’ll transcribe it with surgical precision.

Have you figured out that content marketing is the way to go to engage your Spanish-speaking audience, but ‘Una cerveza por favor’ is as far as your Spanish skills will go? Stop struggling with your texts: we are here to support you with Spanish copywriting and content writing for Latin America and Spain.

Content writing and copywriting are not the same. The main difference between them is the purpose of each one: content writing is all about informative or entertaining text, while copywriting aims at persuading the reader.

We handle both types of service with equal care to meet your specific objectives and keep your readers engaged till the very end. Whether you need a monthly blog post, a set of social media messages, or an entire website’s content, we are here for you.

We design all our content hand-in-hand with our clients. That’s why the texts we produce are 100% tailored to your business. You will find that our content writing reflects your tone of voice and is written with your target market in mind so that they will engage with it. Moreover, at all times, our content writing adheres to the best SEO practices so that your website is optimised for international visibility.

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