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Translation, Localisation, or Transcreation? It depends on the level of visibility and intended impact of each string of content.

Our SaaS clients know that 9 out of 10 global users will ignore their product if it’s not available in their native language. And that they also need to make it feel as if developed locally. That’s why they entrust us with different types of linguistic services, namely:

Translation, which involves transferring the content of a text quite literally from the source language into the target language. It’s ideal for content that users tend to skip while skimming your content, such as fine print and footnotes. 

Localisation goes one step further than simple translation because it acknowledges the target culture, habits, and mindset. It’s been proven that fine-tuning your marketing strategies to the local norm will help your brand resonate with your customers on a personal and emotional level.

In other words, we adapt the content for local consumption so it will have a global reach with a local feel. Localising SaaS applications may involve anything from adapting verb inflexions in CTA buttons to tweaking cultural references, proper names, the customer journey, and more. We frequently use it for evocative content aimed at eliciting an emotional response in the reader.

Transcreation (or creative translation for marketing collateral) is a blend between “translation” and “creation”. It focuses on the intended impact of your message. In other words, transcreation goes one step further than localisation because it creates a new text from scratch that will maintain the intent, style, and tone of the original.

That’s why transcreation is common for marketing collateral such as blog posts, slogans, or ads, and for creative texts such as comics.

Cultural consultancy is what our clients get every single time they work with us. In markets such as Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, and Venezuela, which are more experimental and indulgent, what’s the best way to get in touch with customers? Should you prove your expertise for your leads to convert more rapidly in Spain, or will they be more influenced by testimonials? We advise you on the best marketing strategies for each Spanish-speaking market you want to target.

SEO Translation is the process of optimising the visibility and discoverability of your translated content in the target market. After all, there’s no point in localising marketing assets if nobody can find them in the target market. Just like the source language copy needs to rank high on search engines, so do its several localised versions.

We offer all these services in the below language pairs:

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