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Specialisation in SEO translation

An ebook to kick-start your specialisation in SEO translation

I started reading The SEO Translation Bible today and I can't skip a page without taking many notes. She explains everything in detail, referring to other resources to learn from, and it's really insightful.

Just finished reading The SEO Translation Bible (third edition), and the book delivers to its name. I read the first edition a year back, but this updated title is so thorough and comprehensive that it seems like an entirely new book. "How do I specialise in SEO translation?" My answer is, first read this! You can't go wrong with this reading. And the style of the author makes it an easy and digestible read even when things get technical—because they are. Plus, she makes the best to tie every aspect of SEO to translation. Thank you Maria Scheibengraf for compiling this book and sharing your expertise on the subject.


I purchased The SEO Translation Bible a couple of months ago this year and loved it on a whole new level. I've already started working on some SEO translation projects!


As a freelance translator, I'm always looking for ways to improve my skills and stay up to date with industry trends. The SEO Translation Bible definitely delivers on both fronts, offering valuable tools and actionable tips to help you get started as a translator in the growing field of SEO translation. It even outlines the typical SEO workflow and provides sample emails, briefs, and deliverables, all of which helped me feel more prepared when I began working with my first clients. Overall, I highly recommend The SEO Translation Bible to any translator looking to improve their skills and understand the role of translation in SEO.


Please accept my compliments: the book is well organised, clear, so full of information that you are literally opening a whole world to me. I work during the day, and I am sooo thrilled with the content that I have ended up studying until 10 pm without realising it. Thanks soooo much!


This book doesn’t just show you how to optimise content for SEO, it takes you through the fundamentals and even explains why some aspects of technical SEO are crucial for translators. From practical translation tips to advice on quoting, the SEO translation bible is, in my opinion, a must-read. Thank you María for creating such a wonderful resource!


This book is a quick read that leaves you with a concrete idea of what you need to learn to become an SEO translator. It definitely left me wanting more! It pulls together all the skills you already need to have in order to work as an SEO translator. I feel that Maria has done an excellent job of making readers want a follow-up to this book. I know I’d definitely buy it.


I have already studied SEO and iSEO, but still learned a lot of great practical tips when working with SEO Translation. I especially liked the last chapter - The SEO Translation workflow, with the time estimation and client brief, plus how we can use CAT-tools in the process. Love your writing style too!


I finished it last week and It was beyond my expectations. I already had some knowledge on SEO for translation because It's one of my services but I still learned a lot. It also gave me great tools and insights.


Just finished reading your ebook. I loved it! It's your face. Direct, clear language, practical examples, a bit of humour throughout the pages... Well done!


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Version 3.0 of The SEO Translation Bible is now available! What’s changed:

  • Restructured content
  • More information
  • More visuals
  • More examples
  • More exercises

The SEO Translation Bible is Maria Scheibengraf’s ebook for translators looking for in-depth SEO translation training.

In this ebook, Maria will teach you to catapult your clients up the Google rankings in no time through the art of SEO translation.

Mastering SEO translation can help you build a highly profitable SEO translation business, diversify as a freelance translator, and boost your existing SEO translation career.

In this ebook, you’ll find out how to produce SEO-friendly content that gives you (and your clients) an edge over the competition, and how to attract the same level of traffic in any language version of your clients’ web pages.

The SEO Translation Bible Maria Scheibengraf

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International companies that are serious about their global marketing invest time, effort, and money in ranking high on search engines in every market in which they operate. Experience and trial and error have taught them that simply translating their content or their keywords doesn’t cut it: they know that they need to rely on experts. This ebook will help turn you into one of those experts.

If you’ve been looking for SEO advice geared specifically towards translators, this ebook is for you! SEO for translators is a growing field, but there are few resources available that provide practical advice. The SEO Translation Bible fills this gap and provides straightforward tips you can implement immediately to improve your clients’ ranking in search engines.

Seo Translation illustration

Get started with SEO translation in a matter of days

There isn’t much out there on SEO for translators. Most resources are either too technical, or they don’t consider the unique challenges translators face when trying to optimise their website for search engines. This guide is different: It’s a desk reference packed with techniques that SEO translators use daily to take their clients’ SEO translation projects to the next level.

The SEO Translation Bible will provide you with the skills, tools, and insider knowledge you need to become the specialist your clients seek when they want their content to rank on Google in every language they operate.

Learn how to approach an SEO translation project from the outset. This ebook will take you through every stage of an SEO translation project, from understanding what your client wants to achieve to doing the keyword research and delivering the final, optimised translation.

You’ll also get expert tips on managing client expectations, overcoming some of the common challenges that SEO translators face, and troubleshooting any problems that arise along the way.

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However much you can learn from the hundreds of SEO guides available online, very few of them can be fully applied to SEO translation.

As SEO Translation specialists, we examine things such as local search behaviour, cultural influence on searching habits, preferred local brands, language use, user experience, etc. We then optimise content for each target market, which translates into higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales.

Despite many translators claiming to be SEO experts, there aren’t many real specialists capable of advising clients beyond keywords. Dedicated experts are highly sought after and are very hard to find! Specialising in SEO Translation gives you a competitive advantage like no other, as it allows you to become the go-to linguist for your clients when it comes to international SEO efforts.

This ebook will define what SEO is, why it is crucial, and the main objectives when improving search engine rankings for a website (or for any type of content). We will explore aspects like search intent, search volumes, types of SEO ranking factors, search engines, the impact of culture on SEO, and language varieties’ effect on SEO. Finally, we will deal in detail with everything related to keywords, how to find the best ones, and strategically place them in your translation, among other exciting bits.

The SEO Translation Bible --> Ebook length: 30,000 words (Index below 👇)

Who needs SEO translation?

Part 1: SEO Fundamentals

What’s SEO?
What qualifies someone as an SEO translation expert?
What do companies look for in SEO translation experts?
Multilingual SEO vs international SEO vs SEO translation
Understanding search engines
3 steps to how search engines work
How does the algorithm work?
Critical SEO success factors
Google updates
General ranking factors
The E-A-T Guidelines
Specific ranking factors
Core Web Vitals: The new ranking factor
How is a search page (SERP) organised?
Organic vs paid results
How does positioning affect clicks?
SERP features
Featured snippets and rich features
Search personalisation
Hyperlocal marketing and SEO
Search intent
The cultural side of search intent and search behaviour
Hofstede’s cultural dimensions
Search behaviour in individualistic societies
Search behaviour in collectivist societies
Other ways in which culture affects search behaviour
Keyword vs query
Types of keywords
Duplicate keywords
Search volume
Why search volumes differ across tools
Types of SEO

Part 2: Keyword research and positioning

Keyword research step by step
An example from a real project
How to pick the right keywords
Keyword cannibalisation
Keywords and diacritics
Ways of approaching multilingual keyword research
Research based on source-language keywords
Blind keyword research
Keyword mapping
Working with an SEO strategist
How to strategically position keywords in your translation
Keyword density

Part 3: The impact of culture on global marketing

Diving deeper into search behaviour
SEO translation is a misnomer
International tourism and uncertainty avoidance
Post-pandemic marketing as an example of culture-based search
User experience (UX): Why it’s key for SEO
Bounce rate: A sign of poor UX?

Part 4: The SEO translation workflow

How SEO translation fits into everything else
Domestic SEO strategy and copywriting
Development and design
International SEO strategy
Multilingual keyword research + SEO translation & content optimisation
Localisation as a linguistic technique
Localisation as a marketing tactic
Design localisation
Local competitor analysis
SEO translation testing

Part 5: Practical considerations

How to quote for SEO translation
Some useful estimations
The client brief
Keyword research tools: Who pays for them?
Are CAT tools suitable for SEO translation?
Sample emails, briefs, and deliverables

Additional resources and bibliography

Best SEO tools and resources

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