SaaS Translation And Localisation Services

Unlock the full potential of your product by localising it to meet the linguistic, functional, and cultural expectations of each market.

You’ve poured your passion and expertise into creating an exceptional app or groundbreaking SaaS product. You envision its global success, just like those awe-inspiring stories we all admire. However, to make a real impact, precision and finesse are essential.

Whether you’re at the beginning stages of going global or facing challenges gaining traction in international markets, our expert SaaS translation and localisation services are here to unlock the true potential of your app or software program.

Tap into lucrative global markets

Have you ever wondered what sets apps like Airbnb apart, capturing the hearts of users worldwide, while others struggle to float abroad? The answer lies in effective SaaS translation and localisation.

SaaS translation deals with transferring text from one language to another. SaaS localisation goes beyond mere translation – it’s about understanding specific market preferences, cultural nuances, and user behaviours.

It’s about avoiding unnecessary distress to Italian users with a literal translation of an ‘Oops, something went wrong’ error message and opting instead for a matter-of-fact ‘ripetere l’operazione’ that keeps them calm and engaged.

By localising your SaaS product – whether mobile, cloud, or desktop – for different languages and regions, we help you break through barriers and connect with users worldwide.

Drive user engagement and conversions across borders

When users encounter language barriers or feel disconnected from a software interface, they are less likely to engage and convert.

Our specialised SaaS translation and localisation services help you you adapt the user interface, content, and user experience to local preferences and cultural nuances. The result is an immersive and engaging experience that drives user satisfaction and boosts conversions.

Craft unique user experiences with cultural adaptation

Cultural differences can significantly impact user experience. We understand the importance of tailoring your app to specific markets, accounting for language nuances, preferences, and user behaviour.

Through meticulous cultural adaptation, we ensure your app or software seamlessly integrates into the local context, delivering an intuitive and personalised experience that resonates with users on a deeper level.

The days of ‘if you build it, they will come’ are over

Success in the global market requires more than just a remarkable app or innovative software. It demands understanding specific markets, user expectations, and cultural nuances.

Unlock the true potential of your product and take the next step towards global success. 

Contact us today to discuss your SaaS translation and localisation needs.

Dont' take our word for it

Crisol is one of our hidden secrets at TrueLayer 🤫 They’re incredibly knowledgeable about content strategy and translation, and SEO. Thanks to their amazing work, we managed to build a localisation capability from scratch, that supported the entire company – from marketing to product.

Bruno Almeida

It’s hard to find someone who’s as committed, transparent, reliable, and to be frank so damn good at what they do as Crisol are.

Martina Russo

Martina Russo

CEO at Moving Words

We work with Crisol for all our Spanish digital marketing needs. They are super involved in all the different projects and we can always count on the quality of their work. We couldn’t expect a better partner for SEO projects and I couldn’t recommend them enough.

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Frequently asked questions

What is SaaS localisation and how is it different from software localisation?

SaaS translation (or SaaS localisation, if we get technical) is the intricate process of a SaaS application to cater to the linguistic, cultural, and regional preferences of diverse target markets.

Software localisation, often referred to simply as “localisation,” is a broader concept that encompasses the adaptation of any software product for different locales, encompassing both traditional software applications and SaaS solutions. It involves a myriad of linguistic and cultural adaptations, from user-facing text and functionality to visuals and character encoding.

SaaS localisation, on the other hand, specifically focuses on localising Software-as-a-Service applications, i.e., web-based applications that users access via the internet.

What are the key considerations for localising a SaaS product?

Key components of SaaS translation or SaaS localisation include content localisation, cultural customisation, adherence to regional regulations and compliance, correct date and time formats, currency and payment integration, UI design, accessibility and performance optimisation, and UX localisation and testing.

How much does it cost to translate a SaaS application?

The cost to translate software, especially in the context of a SaaS localisation project, can be quite varied due to the multiple intricate steps involved. Considering these diverse steps, SaaS localisation specialists often charge by the hour to accommodate the complexity and continuous nature of the work.

Moreover, continuous localisation has emerged as a prevalent approach. In this workflow, localisation is not a one-time task but an ongoing process that runs parallel to the development cycle. This approach ensures that the product is always ready for release in all locales, aligning with the principles of agile development. Continuous localisation can be resource-intensive, and thus, charging by the hour is practical as it allows for adaptability to the fast-paced and iterative nature of modern SaaS development.

What tools do you use for SaaS translation and localisation?

We use localisation software such as CAT tools and translation management systems, which help streamline the localisation workflow by automating certain tasks and providing built-in support for internationalised content.

For example, by using localisation software, we can:

  • Segment content and automatically extract strings for translation
  • Enable a continuous localisation workflow that can respond quickly to changes
  • Nurture and leverage a translation memory database
  • Track progress with dashboards, reports, and analytics
  • Organise, store, and track translations in one place
  • Assign tasks to translators and review their work
  • Reduce time and effort by integrating with other tools and services
  • Easily make changes at scale by propagating updates throughout the project
  • Share glossaries for consistency across languages
  • Ensure quality control with built-in QA checks
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