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First-Time Translation Client

Tips for a First-Time Translation Client: How to Go About Your Project

Tips for a First-Time Translation Client: How to Go About Your Project

Are you a translation buyer? Is this your first time as a translation client? If you are not sure how to deal with the freelance translator or translation company you’ve hired or are about to hire, take a look at the tips below:

Ways to Decrease Costs as a Translation Client

  • Translators prefer working with editable documents. For that reason, they might charge you extra if you send them files that can’t be edited. Some examples of files that can’t be edited are images or scanned PDFs.
  • Be realistic about the deadline for your files. If you are not sure how to estimate your deadline, check this post.
  • If you need a lot of stuff translated, assign many thousands of words all at once. In other words, avoid sending several small projects. The higher the volume you ask for, the more likely the translator will be to apply a discount.

Special Considerations

  • For website translation, you need to define into which languages you will have it translated.
  • Some translators will ask for payment in advance, especially the first time. If you are not happy to pay upfront, you can negotiate to make a 50% down payment and to pay the rest upon delivery.
  • Always sign a contract stating the terms and conditions of service.
  • If you work with confidential information, ask your translator to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement. Alternatively, check that they are members of an organisation like ICO (like us at Crisol!).
  • Some legal documents might require certification as well as translation. Therefore, we suggest you check beforehand as not all translators can certify translations. In the UK, CIOL members (like us!) are authorised to certify translations.
  • You’ll be better off hiring a translator who will work into their native language.

How to Help Speed Up the Process

  • You’ll help speed up the process if you send your translator a glossary, past translations, or any other reference materials.
  • Stay available or appoint a contact person to answer any questions your translator may have. They might want to ask you for your preference on a certain matter, for example. The faster they get an answer from you, the quicker the project will be ready for delivery.
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