2019 is proving to be a great year for Crisol Translation Services, and the Think Global Forum Awards have made it even better. First, January brought 6 new clients with it. Later on, February surprised us featuring our Operations Manager, Maria Scheibengraf, among the best 6 LinkedIn translation bloggers. And more recently, March started with a guest post on Gengo’s website.

To top it all up, only a few days ago we found out that April will see us in Dublin, at an award ceremony. That’s right! Our Operations Manager has made it to the shortlist for the Think Global Forum Awards. Maria is running against Michele Carlson in the category “Language Industry Person of the Year”. So we are heading to Dublin! There, we will be meeting our clients and friends from Retro Digital, who have also made it in their category. Pretty amazing, huh?

On 3 April we will let you know if April is bringing more success stories our way!

Think Global Forum Awards

The Think Global Forum

As per their website description,

The Think Global Forum is a community of global individuals including forum participants, industry experts, speakers and Forum Executives. The Think Global Forum is designed to provide insights and thought leadership in the context of Technology, Travel, Manufacturing, Life Sciences, Retail, eCommerce and a growing number of sectors around the world. The forum offers keen insights into the here and now and, most importantly, the future.

In line with the above, Vistatec Limited organises the Think Global international awards every year since 2017 to “recognise the achievements of people, projects, brands and companies around the world”. You can read more on their website.

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