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Professional Interpreters: Exploring the Benefits of Hiring One

Think of important international conferences, or government bodies in heated debates; you will have likely noticed the fast talking, half-headphone wearing folks seated in booths at the back, packed full of high-tech kit. Yes, the interpreters. While one would expect to find professional interpreters in such high-stake environments, these masters of communication stand to benefit anyone hosting conferences, functions, or business meetings.

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Skills for Success in Translation: 6 Abilities Every Translator Needs

The translation process does not only rely upon translators’ linguistic competences. Nowadays, a successful career in translation requires information processing skills and a few special IT skills. In  other words, and quoting Susanne J. Jetak and Gary Massey, “[t]his is apparent from the very first stages of the translation process, when Read more…

Interesting Facts

Famous Translators and Interpreters in History: A Summary of Their Achievements

Many of the books you love are translations. Major political events throughout history were only possible because of the existence of interpreters. Every country’s justice system relies on expert linguists who make communication possible between individuals who speak different languages. Even some of the most popular songs out there have Read more…