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Multilingual Content Marketing: Tips for Its Success

Everyone is investing in content these days. Also, most business owners are discovering that good, impactful content marketing is hard to nail down. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, press releases, websites, videos… There’s just so much content everywhere! If you find that scary (and the fact that bad content might do more harm than good to your brand), imagine achieving a successful content strategy in multiple languages at once. But worry not! We’ve compiled a list of tips that you might find useful. Whether you are just getting started or looking to improve your strategy, sit back and enjoy the read:

1: Plan Your Content Marketing Strategy Ahead

Do you have a strategy for the content you are going to share on digital channels in 2019? Not having a clear plan before beginning content creation is a recipe for failure. If you don’t know where to start, check out this link.

2: Don’t Write Just for the Sake of It

This relates to the first tip. Creating irrelevant content with no strategy in mind, just to show your followers that you post regularly, is a Chronicle of a Death Foretold. Keep your content relevant to your target consumers, consistent, and according to your plan. Nobody says you can’t have fun content, but beware of TMI (Too Much Information). In other words, unless your brand is related to animals, best to avoid posting about your cat’s recent visit to the vet.

3: Leave the Keyword Research to the Experts

To quote Retro Digital, one of our regular clients, “Search engine optimisation is probably one of the most overlooked tools in a digital marketers toolbox. When it comes to Google (or whatever your country’s local search engine is), 75% of people don’t actually make it past the first page.”

To avoid Google overlooking or pushing back your content, it’s important you hire a team of professionals to:

  • Conduct appropriate (multilingual) keyword research
  • Measure performance in all markets
  • Devise new ways of reaching your target consumers through localised content

4: Find Resources Specialised in Content Marketing

Like anything, content marketing takes continuous trial and error before you start getting things right. But if there is one content marketing lesson you do not want to learn the hard way, it is that you need at least one dedicated person to manage your content. What’s more, you need one dedicated person per language. This could involve one content writer for one of the languages and specialised translators or transcreators for all the others.

To drive good results, your content marketing needs to get all the attention it deserves! By appointing one person to the task for each language/market, you ensure consistency and timely management.

Having your content transcreated by specialist Marketing translators is an investment rather than an expense. When executed correctly, transcreation and localisation can skyrocket your sales so that your ROI makes it worth the effort.

5. For Content in Spanish, Contact Us

With our over 15 years of combined experience, you will get the expertise, the personalised service, and the flexibility of a professional freelancer. But our model means you will also enjoy the fast turn-around, the efficiency, the quality assurance processes, and the high-end technology of a big Language Services Provider. And we are committed to giving you all that without losing the human and ethical touch. The bonus? We are super fun!

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