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Best LinkedIn Translation Bloggers

Maria Scheibengraf Among the 6 Best LinkedIn Translation Bloggers!

This week, we were proud to find that our Operations Manager, Maria Scheibengraf, has been featured in an article by Gengo (written by Rei Morikawa) among the 6 Best LinkedIn Bloggers in the translation and localisation industry.

In Rei’s words, “LinkedIn is a recruitment and social networking site where members can easily showcase their resume online. LinkedIn members can also publish blog posts on their profile about their personal career paths and translation and localization industry expertise.”

Maria Scheibengraf

The List of Featured Bloggers:

  1. Maria Scheibengraf
  2. Tess Whitty
  3. Elisa Trippetti
  4. Anastasia Kozhukhova
  5. Gabriela Kouahla
  6. Ágnes Kmilcsik 

Articles by Maria Scheibengraf Recommended in Gengo’s Article

Quoting the article, “these 6 LinkedIn influencers share the latest news on translation and localization, through insightful thought leadership articles on their LinkedIn blogs. We can learn a lot about how to improve your skills as a translator and how to get the best translation services, from their experiences, knowledge, and advice, regardless of how long they’ve been in the translation and localization business


Maria Scheibengraf is an English to Spanish translator, interpreter, and copywriter specialized in marketing, corporate, and IT. She has provided Spanish translations for media companies, sportswear brands, travel agencies, hospitals, governments, and more. Recent LinkedIn articles include: Localisation: How does it differ from translation? (also available in our blog, here) Famous translators and interpreters in history: a summary of their achievements.

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