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What to Expect From an Expert Marketing Translator

When translating marketing materials, it is essential to work with an expert marketing translator. The world of marketing translation and adaptation is complex, and many people often underestimate it. While translation from the source language to the target language is straightforward for a professional translator, there is more to it than meets the eye. In other words, marketing translators must have a unique set of skills to ensure your marketing efforts do not go to waste.

Writing Skill

Contrary to the popular belief that translation is simply a regurgitation of the source text in another language, for marketing translation, good writing is essential! Your translator must be able to write appealing and persuasive content in the target language. Moreover, that content needs to have an impact on local audiences and it will (necessarily) differ slightly when directly translated back to the source language. Sometimes, a translator may need to use a creative license to save the intended message of the text, a skill that is specific to an expert marketing translator. For the same reasons, they need to be avid readers!

Brand Understanding

When taking on a marketing translation project, the translator must first ensure they have a deep understanding not only of the campaign they’re translating but of the brand itself. As mentioned above, often the source text will need to be altered slightly to protect the message in the target language. This requires a good working knowledge of both marketing
techniques and the brand’s mission.

Understanding of Target Audience

As well as having a good understanding of the brand, translators must also be aware of the target audience for the project. This enables them to make well-informed decisions about the correct terminology to use during a project. This way, they ensure the audience both engage with and appreciate the content your brand is showing them. This cultural awareness is what makes a marketing translator stand out from their peers! And this also leaves you safe in the knowledge that your marketing efforts meet your goals. Why? Because your localisation campaign will resonate with your target audience – for the right reasons!

IT Skills

A marketing translator needs to understand the “behind the scenes” of user interface and user experience. They need to be able to work with tags, placeholders, character limitation, CTAs, etc.


Transcreation is a unique subset of marketing translation that can truly make or break your localisation efforts. Essentially, transcreation combines ‘translation’ with ‘creation’. This way, your translator optimises your marketing copy for its target audience. When starting a transcreation project, a translator must not only translate but make significant changes to the text. How so? Well, they need to improve the understanding of the text in the target market. This is a complicated process and should only be undertaken by an expert!

Why Invest in an Expert Marketing Translator?

When it comes to multilingual marketing, it’s important not to overlook the importance of working with an expert marketing translator. This is particularly so when engaging in localisation and globalisation campaigns. It’s undeniable that poor translation of marketing copy can not only result in a waste of resources but can damage a brand’s image within that market. Nobody wants that, right? At Crisol Translation Services, we’re proud to work with expert marketing translators around the globe! Their unique cultural and linguistic knowledge will set your campaign apart from the rest. For more info on our services, email us at

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