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New Ecommerce Research: 90% of Users Only Buy in Their Language

New Ecommerce Research: 90% of Users Only Buy in Their Language

Market Research and Consulting firm Nimdzi Insights has published an ecommerce research report called Project Underwear that builds on the concept that being able to communicate in our own native languages is what drives buying decisions.

Project Underwear: The Latest Ecommerce Research

The name of the project derives from the idea that consumers make their purchase decisions during their most private moments, while on their mobile phones and wearing nothing but their underwear. Nimdzi’s co-founder, Renato Beninatto, argues that the one thing that clings to a person even more closely than their undergarments is their language.

The project was an attempt at confirming, country by country (across more than 70) and on a global scale, that it is paramount for brands to get their message across to users in their native language, instead of only in English. Surveys were conducted with data on the respondent’s language, gender, age, and primary occupation, and 9,209 individual replies were obtained.

Some of the Most Interesting Findings of Nimdzi’s Ecommerce Research

  1. Global ecommerce revenue for 2019 was established at USD 3.6 trillion, which represents an annual growth of around 18%. In 2020, it is expected to pass the USD 4 trillion threshold.
  2. Traditional markets for localisation include English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese & Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and local variants thereof.
  3. Localising into the abovementioned languages will grant access to roughly 90% of worldwide online sales potential.
  4. Mobile is the new normal.
  5. Localisation matters, but in different ways to different people. For example, in Denmark, 92% of consumers don’t mind making online purchases from an English-only website, while in Taiwan, unlocalised content will only lead to 9% of engagements ending in a sale.
  6. In general, 9 out of 10 people ignore a product if it’s not available in their native language.

Previous Statistics on the Matter

The project results are in line with what we described in our 2018 article about machine translation: consumers tend to purchase more when information is in their language. Back then, we had quoted the below evidence:

  • Can’t Read, Won’t Buy, by Common Sense Advisory: 72% of consumers spend most of their time online on websites in their own language. The same percentage also acknowledged being more likely to buy a product if the information is available in their own language.
  • User language preferences online, by the European Commission: 90% of Europeans always visit a website in their own language when given a choice.

Access the Full Project Underwear Report

Read more about Project Underwear here.

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