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The Creative Language Conference: Book Now!

It’s all finally ready! On 18 September 2020, in partnership with Sarah and Alan from Retro Digital, we are hosting a first-of-its-kind conference! It’s The CreAtIve Language Conference (#CLCONF)—Approaching creativity in the AI era. The countdown has started and we couldn’t be more excited! By the end of July, we will decide whether the event will be held in person or online, depending on how things unfold in the context of the COVID-19 crisis.

If you would like to know more, you can find out everything about it here. Also, make sure to follow the event’s page on LinkedIn and Facebook.

Creative Language Conference Logo

Who is The Creative Language Conference For?

So many people will be there! And not just from London: we are welcoming people from all over Europe.

Attendees will include representatives from marketing companies, software development companies, AI businesses… Moreover, we will enjoy the presence of language services providers, magazines, publishing companies, copywriters, writers, translators, designers, etc. Basically, anyone who has a need for creative language (both written and visual) and international marketing services. In total, we expect about 150 people to attend. Impressive, huh?

However, if you represent a company and are interesting in attending, you might want to hurry up. Why? Well, there will be limited places for companies from the same industry and country. For example, only a couple of digital marketing agencies from the UK will be granted access. In the same way, only one or two LSPs from a certain country will be invited to join in.

This exclusivity has been decided to encourage diversity and higher chances of establishing successful business relationships for everyone involved. It’s only fair!

What Is the Conference Going to Cover?

We will be discussing topics that will benefit all attendees and cover what the future holds. For example:

  • What the role of AI is in the human interaction aspects of today’s business (networking, pitching, customer service, critical thinking, presentations, etc.).
  • What human tasks AI is replacing, and which ones still need a human touch.
  • How the nature of human work is shifting to accommodate to AI.
  • What role AI plays in the provision of multilingual services (translation, localisation, transcreation, etc.).
  • What the potential of AI is in creative written language and marketing (copywriting, writing, marketing, media, etc.).
  • What the role of AI is in culture and creative visual language (art, tourism, music, literature, the film industry, etc.).
  • Neural Machine Translation and Language Processing: applications, challenges, etc.

Where Will the Creative Language Conference #CLCONF Take Place?

The event will take place at the David Game College, 31 Jewry Street, London, EC3N 2ET. The venue is in the City of London, a two-minute walk from Aldgate Tube Station and a five-minute walk from Tower Hill station. The theatre looks amazing, with an impressive sound system and a classroom-like layout.

Ticket Prices

Until November 2019, you can enjoy a super early bird rate! This means that you can save up to £65 in your ticket if you hurry up. Moreover, we’ve tiered the pricing to make the event accessible to freelancers and companies big and small… so no excuses!

The ticket price includes full access to all six talks, as well as to coffee breaks, hot lunch, and freebies. Also, we know how important networking is! That’s why there will be plenty of opportunity for you to start fruitful conversations with other attendees.

Send Your Proposal

We are currently looking to fill our last speaking slot with an artist (musician, designer, published author, etc.) working with AI. So, if this sounds like you, get in touch! Click this link to the event’s official website for more information.

Become a Sponsor

Invest in sponsoring our event and enjoy the following perks:

  • Free tickets to the conference
  • Explicit mention on newsletters
  • Visibility at the venue
  • Exposure to dozens of different companies from all over the world
  • Logo, link, and description featured on the event website
  • Mentions and thank-yous from the podium on the day of the event
  • Opportunity to reach opt-in attendees via email
  • And much more.

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