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Spanish has 496 million native speakers and 595 million total speakers. This means that over 6 percent of the world’s population speak this language, which, somehow, still manages to keep some secrets about its origin and evolution worldwide. What mosaic of cultures and civilisations have contributed to what we know […]

Translation serves as the bridge that enables people from diverse linguistic backgrounds to communicate, exchange ideas, and access information seamlessly. However, translation is not a one-size-fits-all practice – it’s a multifaceted field with various dimensions and classifications, and there are many types of translation. To truly grasp the world of […]

Have you ever wondered why you pick one brand over another?  Or, why you shop at an expensive store when a more affordable option is available? Well, our brains have built-in shortcuts, called cognitive biases, that help guide our decisions. (Sometimes, erroneously). From choosing a brand of cereal to making […]

Have you ever watched puzzled, uncomfortable, almost-on-the-verge-of-a-doubt patients when trying to fill out an informed consent that a smiling desk nurse has nicely handed out? You know, just wondering why their understanding now seems such a challenge, leaving them perspiring, yet A/C seated, confused under the now inquisitive look of […]

Ahh, the translation process! Imagine it as a maze from where you will find your way out only by being aware of its turns and entrants, already at the start. You need patience, wit, and determination to make your way through it. This article will outline the essential steps you […]

Contrary to the notion that “a global business” is only about exporting products to international markets, the truth is that by existing online, you are already reaching a global audience, whether you’ve planned for it or not. So, if you want to make sure that your digital assets are welcoming […]