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You Wanted It, We Delivered It

We have put together a comprehensive, self-paced , online Marketing Translation Course for translators looking to specialise in Marketing. The course is completely in English, so every linguist working with any language combination can benefit from it. The level is introductory, i.e., it’s aimed at translators who want to begin their specialisation journey.

You don’t have to wait for content to be gradually released. You get access to all course material at once, including a transcription of the voice over. It’s all there for you, over 3 hours of content for you to access whenever you want .

Marketing Translation Course MTCbyCrisol - software localisation by the best spanish translators

What will I learn from this marketing course?

Navigate through the 9 chapters and learn the theory behind translating Marketing copy, as well as practical tips for delivering great quality translations! We guarantee several lightbulb moments. This Marketing Translation Course is the first step in your specialisation journey, get started today!

You will learn about

  • Definition and scope of Marketing;
  • The main Marketing concepts you need to master;
  • Localisation;
  • Transcreation;
  • Translation of digital marketing;
  • Measuring the success of a Marketing translation through KPIs (key performance indicators);
  • Types of SEO;
  • Multilingual keyword research;
  • Search engine ranking factors;
  • SEO and translation;
  • PPC and PPM;
  • UX and UI;
  • Customer experience;
  • Localisation of images and navigation;
  • How and how much to charge for your work;
  • Practical tips for the best transcreations;
  • Transcreation of blog posts, including a checklist;
  • Transcreation of social media posts, including a checklist;
  • Transcreation of slogans;
  • How to avoid localisation and marketing translation fails;
  • and much more.

Why are expert marketing translators in high demand?

When a company decides to have its marketing collateral translated, they know their ROI will be higher if they work with an expert marketing translator. The world of marketing translation and adaptation is complex! For that reason, marketing translators must have a unique set of skills to ensure the client’s efforts do not go to waste. In our Marketing Translation Course, we will teach you these skills from scratch!

What's the price?

From 1 September 2022, you will get access for 20 years (no, that’s not a typo) and enjoy the mind-blowing price reduction to GBP 1.99 (previously GBP 49.99).

It’s a one-off payment, so yes, bargain! We may have a few discount codes available, get in touch with us via social media to check what we can do for you 🙂

Begin your specialisation journey with us and start making things happen. Progress your career by specialising in one of the most in-demand fields in today’s globalised world!

Maria Scheibengraf black and white - software localisation by the best spanish translators
About the trainer

About the trainer

Maria Scheibengraf is an award-winning, certified English > Spanish Translator and Chartered Linguist (CIOL, UK). Her specialisation is in multilingual SEO and the localisation of Marketing and IT content for multinational software brands.

Maria has been working as a freelance translator since 2011, and in 2016 co-founded Crisol Translation Services. Several multinationals rely on her professional services to generate revenue in Spanish-speaking markets, which has helped her build up an array of expert knowledge in the field. She’s also an intermediate-level programmer.

Maria enjoys sharing her knowledge of Marketing and SEO online, predominantly on LinkedIn, but also on Crisol’s blog and Instagram account.

What students said Testimonials

What students said

I loved this course. Even when it gets a bit technical, it’s still very clear and well explained. It gave me a lot of food for thought and it certainly encouraged me to attend further courses on the topics analysed. I’ll be glad to recommend it to any colleagues who would like to specialise in this field!


I have to say CONGRATS, it’s a well-structured course. I really enjoyed it, especially chapter 8! 🙂 It’s a useful tool to review concepts and learn new ones. Also thank you for the links and readings suggestions! (I hope I took notes of everything).


Lovely course that gives a very good overview with examples and some hands-on checklists to facilitate your work. The localization fails are a nice and light way to tune out of the course with some laughter, even though I had seen some of those before.