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‘The SEO Translation Bible’

‘The SEO Translation Bible’

‘The SEO Translation Bible’ is Maria Scheibengraf’s in-depth sequel to Crisol’s acclaimed An Introduction to Marketing Translation (basic-level online course for translators looking to specialise in marketing). In her eBook ‘The SEO Translation Bible’, Maria will teach you to master the art of SEO, diversify as a freelance translator, and increase your income.

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Businesses are continually vying for consumers’ attention and trying to drive traffic towards their websites. One of the most effective digital marketing methods is search engine optimisation or SEO.

International companies that are serious about their global marketing invest time, effort, and money in ranking high on search engines in every market in which they operate. Experience and trial and error have taught them that simply translating their content or their keywords doesn’t cut it: they know that they need to rely on experts. This book will make you one of those experts.

These global companies know that there’s no point in localising their marketing collateral if nobody can find it in the target market. Like the source language copy needs to rank high on search engines, so do their several localised versions.

Becoming a specialist translator in this field is not easy, though. However much you can learn from the hundreds of SEO guides available online, very few of them can be fully applied to SEO Translation. As SEO Translation specialists, we examine things such as local search behaviour, cultural influence on searching habits, preferred local brands, language use, user experience, etc. We then optimise content for each target market, which translates into higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales.

Despite many translators claiming to be ‘SEO experts’, there aren’t many real specialists capable of advising clients beyond keywords. Dedicated experts are highly sought after and are very hard to find! Specialising in SEO Translation gives you a competitive advantage like no other, as it allows you to become the go-to linguist for your clients when it comes to international SEO.

But suppose you have a client that operates internationally but is still a bit indecisive about multilingual SEO benefits. In that case, this book will also help you convince them to trust you. You will obtain the skills necessary to skyrocket your clients’ ROI, and your expertise will be backed by actual data when they see their conversion in foreign markets go through the roof.

This book will define what SEO is, why it is crucial, and the main objectives when improving search engine rankings for a website (or for any type of content). We will explore aspects like search intent, search volumes, types of SEO ranking factors, search engines, the impact of culture on SEO, and language varieties’ effect on SEO. Finally, we will deal in detail with everything related to keywords, how to find the best ones and strategically place them in your translation, among other exciting bits.

The SEO Translation Bible

Book Length: 20,000 words

Book Index:


  1. Who Needs SEO Translation?
  1. Part 1: SEO Fundamentals
    1. What Is SEO?
    2. What Qualifies Someone as an SEO Translation Expert?
    3. Understanding Search Engines
      1. 3 Steps to How Search Engines Work
      2. How Does the Algorithm Work?
    4. Critical SEO Success Factors
    5. How Is a SERP Organised?
      1. Organic vs Paid Results
      2. SERP Features
        1. Local Results
        2. People Also Ask
        3. Knowledge Graph and Knowledge Panel
    6. Search Intent
    7. Search Volumes
    8. Types of SEO
      1. On-page SEO
      2. Off-page SEO
      3. Technical SEO
    9. Keywords
      1. Types of Keywords
      2. Types of Keyword Matches
      3. Keyword Research Step-by-Step
      4. How to Strategically Position Keywords in Your Translation
  2. Part 2: The Five SEO Translation Pillars
    1. The Impact of Culture on Global Marketing
      1. Search Behaviour
    2. User Experience
    3. Copywriting, Localisation, and Transcreation
    4. Local Competitor Analysis
    5. Testing
  3. Part 3: The SEO Translation Workflow
    1. How to Quote
    2. The Client Brief
    3. Are CAT Tools Suitable for SEO Translation?
  4. Additional Resources and Bibliography