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At Crisol Translation Services, we strive to be the ethical alternative in the translation industry. Learn how.

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A better way to do business

As a social enterprise, we are dedicated to leveraging our business as a force for good.


Our mission is to empower global communication with ethical excellence – helping businesses foster meaningful cross-cultural understanding while ensuring fair treatment and recognition for the translators who make it all possible.


Our vision is to set a precedent, demonstrating that a profitable translation industry founded on fairness, ethics, and social responsibility is possible. 

Core company values

These are the values that act as the guiding force behind every aspect of our work:


We believe in conducting business with unwavering ethics and honesty. Our commitment to integrity ensures that we never compromise our principles.


Striving for excellence is at the heart of our work. We are dedicated to providing exceptional translation services, surpassing expectations, and setting new standards in the industry.


We foster a spirit of collective achievement and synergy. We believe in collaboration even with our competitors, embracing a spirit of “coopetition” and working together to uplift the translation industry.


We speak up for those who can’t speak for themselves and use our knowledge and skills to make a positive impact in the world.

Four minds translating as one since 2016

Crisol Translation Services was born in 2016 as a boutique team of four freelance Spanish translators united by a shared vision.

With expertise in most European languages, our close-knit team synergises effortlessly. Our clients consistently commend our cohesiveness – we make you feel like you’re working with one extraordinary, four-brained super-translator.

Exclusively serving brands that value translators

Translators are true experts who deserve utmost respect and fair compensation for their invaluable work.

While our rates may be higher than the industry average, it’s a deliberate choice. By charging reasonable rates, we can provide our translators with the compensation they deserve, attracting the best talent. And that, in turn, benefits our valued clients.

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Crisol Translation Services Julieta Marketing and SEO translation

Julieta Pusetto

My work as an SEO translator is focused on and oriented to personal growth, holistic psychology, trauma, healing, living and conscious education, and astrology. I am passionate about individuals becoming empowered to discover and access information that can allow them to recognise the resources they already have to pave the way for their own healing journey and personal growth.

Crisol Translation Services Paula Marketing and SEO translation

Paula Tiezzi

I’m an expert healthcare and holistic wellness translator, working with nutrition, fitness, stress management, and natural therapies content. I’m here to help you communicate seamlessly across borders and get your message across with precision, empathy, and cultural sensitivity. Wellness is a universal human right, and I want to help make that a reality for everyone.

The children of the team:

Faustino Crisol Translation Services


Alex Crisol Translation Services


Celina Crisol Translation Services


Santino Crisol Translation Services


Crisol Translation Services Antonella Marketing and SEO translation

Antonella Racca

As an SEO Translator, my expertise lies in digital content for the hospitality and gastronomy sectors. I'm a certified baker and cook and, on the side, I manage my family's holiday resort. This unique combination allows me to bring an in-depth understanding of the culinary and tourism industry to my translation work, ensuring that my work captures the essence of the gastronomic and travelling experience.

Maria Scheibengraf headshot

María Scheibengraf

With a solid background in programming and marketing, I have an in-depth understanding of the technical intricacies involved in software, websites, and digital platforms. I'm also an accomplished writer and marketer, skilled in crafting engaging and persuasive copy that captures attention, evokes emotion, and drives conversions.

Brenda Schauvinhold Crisol Translation Services

Brenda Schauvinhold

I joined Crisol as a Project Manager in January 2022. I’m a professional translator with a passion for international relations – I was even an intern at the UN! With a diverse background and a relentless drive for learning, there is no system I can't learn to use. When I'm not PMing, I channel my expertise as a coordinator at the International Relations Office of the Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina).

The children of the team:

Faustino Crisol Translation Services


Alex Crisol Translation Services


Celina Crisol Translation Services


Santino Crisol Translation Services


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