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Award-Winning Localisation
for SaaS Companies



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In the fast-paced world of SaaS services, marketing managers are often overwhelmed when it comes to the monumental task of gaining a foothold in Spanish-speaking markets. They must answer tough questions like:

  • How do I navigate an extremely dynamic market?
  • How do I overcome the challenge of devising a successful global marketing strategy?
  • How do I manage the demands of digitally savvy customers?
  • How do I stay agile and prepared to pivot when market trends or customer needs change?
  • How do I fully grasp the impact of the local culture on user experience?
  • How do I handle multilingual SEO and SEO translation?
  • How do I find localisation experts who are up to the challenge?

Crisol are here to help you answer those questions.

Our award-winning translation services ensure user adoption of your software is never an issue as you establish yourself in Spanish markets.

Short turn-around? No problem. Last-minute change? Sure thing. A particular topic that needs a lot of research? We can do that. Need support during bank holidays and weekends? Let’s make it work.

We are the best Spanish translators you could ask for. No task is too tall.

Results-driven Spanish translators.


Crisol aren’t an agency, and aren’t a freelancer either. We are a collective of four professional translators (who also happen to be very close friends). You won’t be bogged down by the red tape that comes with working through an agency, but you’ll also benefit from the increased brain power and capacity of using a team.

We’ve been working together for so long that you will feel like you’re dealing with one super-translator that has four brains! Best of all? We’re scattered around the globe in multiple different time zones, which means you get round-the-clock customer service. Could you imagine a more perfect solution to your Spanish translation needs?

The perfect freelancer, times 4

You know those amazing freelancers you’ve worked with that are so great you wish you could clone them? Crisol are that freelancer. Even better? We’ve already been cloned, four times to be precise! We use a consistent approach so quality is always the same across the board, no matter who you are working with.

You need a dream team that always has your back, not a single freelancer with limited availability.

Customisable expertise

Within Software as a Service (SaaS), each of us brings a unique specialisation to the table. Choose which of us you want to work with and build your own team according to the unique needs and specific industry of your SaaS product.

You need your providers to adapt to your needs, not the other way round.

Personal, customer-centric service

Unlike a faceless translation corporation, we are small, flexible, understanding, and caring. We work closely with all of our clients to understand their goals. You’ve found the best English to Spanish translation providers for your SaaS application.

You need someone who cares, not a company who treats you like a number on a spreadsheet.


There’s nothing worse than being hung out to dry. We do as we say, meet your needs, deliver on your schedule, fit within your budget, and keep your users delighted. Having multiple translators involved in your project means multiple points of contact to ensure quality and maintain consistency.

You need a problem solver, not a problem creator.

Consultative, hands-on approach

With us, you get a lot more than just a translated document. We provide continuous cultural and industry insights both for Spain and Latin America so your SaaS product hits the mark every time.

You need an analytical expert, not a robotic typist.


Software localisation made easy.

‘The SEO Translation Bible’ by Maria Scheibengraf

is available for purchase. Download the eBook here.

The SEO Translation Bible
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We work with most Translation Management Systems and CAT Tools in the market, such as:

We can join your existing localisation workflow seamlessly, or we can set one up for you from scratch. Get in touch today so we can discuss your specific needs.


Culture impacts user experience, and that’s a fact. At Crisol, we live and breathe the Spanish and Latin American cultures. They run in our veins like fire through a dry field. We’ll help you communicate your ideas and values in a locally authentic way, making your users feel that YOU GET THEM.

We understand better than anyone that the image you project is a result of your words: let us take care of them for you.

Expertise. Commitment. Value.

Our Clients

We have completed all kinds of projects for them, including translation, editing, proofreading, software localisation, copywriting, transcription, subtitling, and more. This is what they have to say about us:

Frequently Asked Questions

We know that trying to find someone qualified to translate your website, app, marketing collateral, or any other text can seem like a daunting task. You want to avoid scammers and ensure that your translation will yield the results you’re after, whether that’s attracting more business, increasing brand awareness, improving communication between teams, etc.

Panic not! Choosing the right translation agency or team is easier than it seems: all you need to do is look out for some basic indicators of professionalism and ethics. The question of how to choose the right translator is simple to answer when you can ensure they have the below:

  • Documented translation training
  • Documented translation experience
  • Industry expertise (i.e., tourism, health care, marketing, etc.)
  • Responsibility towards data protection (e.g., by being members of ICO, like us)
  • Professional accreditations (by associations such as ATA, ITI, CIOL, etc., of which we are members)
  • Native-level proficiency in the target language
  • Positive online reviews and testimonials (like a Business Excellence Award!)
  • A well-written website
  • Solid online presence
  • Industry reputation
  • Responsive communication
  • Flexibility

In the UK, a certified translation means that an official translator accredited by a professional body will need to issue a Certificate of Accuracy at the end of the translated document attesting to the fact that the translation is faithful to the original. We are members of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK) and the American Translators’ Association (USA), so we have the authority to certify translations.

Some bodies that accredit translators to produce certified translations are:

There are a number of ways to go about charging for translation services when it comes to website and software localisation. We can charge per hour, per type of collateral (e.g., blog post, newsletter, landing page, etc.); per word, or others.

For some of our clients we work on a retainer, to some others we offer a flat fee for certain projects, so it varies a lot. We will need you to get in touch for a personalised quote, as many factors need to be weighed in (such as language combination, turn-around time, tools, format, etc.).

For you to have a rough idea, our hourly rate is between £60 and £80, our per-page rate when we translate official documents (such as birth certificates, travel documentation related to COVID-19, etc.) for private clients is approximately £80, and our per-word rate fluctuates in the range of £0.16 to £0.22. Read more about pricing structures on this blog post.

We work mainly into Spanish (both Latin American and European) and into English (both American and British). However, we also support Italian, French, German, and Portuguese (both Brazilian and European). If you need any other language combinations, do get in touch as we might be able to refer you to a qualified professional who can look after you.

Yes, we do. While we don’t provide DTP services, we work with specialist software that allows us to generate the translated file in the same format as the original.

Every file format that does not allow the editing of its content, such as a scanned PDF or a picture, will result in a higher price. This is because we need to have both the original text and the translated text open at the same time and swap between the two, which is time-consuming in comparison to editable files. However, if your PDF can be converted back to a Word document and edited, the price won’t be higher.

Yes, they usually are, and we often add an urgency surcharge to the invoice. The longer you can allow for us to deliver your translation, the higher the discount we are able to offer.

You can pay by bank transfer (we have accounts in Argentina, in Spain, and in the UK) or via PayPal.

We are scattered throughout the world. We have offices in London, UK (in the beautiful area of Kingston-Upon-Thames); in Córdoba, Argentina; and in Barcelona, Spain.

For first-time private clients, we usually request a 50% advance payment and the rest will be due upon delivery of the translated file.

For our SaaS clients, we submit one monthly invoice due at 15 days, or we arrange a retainer contract.

We would need to see the text, but if some passages are identical throughout the document, or if you provide us with a complete translation memory, we can generally agree on a discount.

Today’s SaaS business landscape is challenging when it comes to gaining and retaining customers in foreign markets, especially when their economies are a bit unpredictable (like Latin America).

We know how to persuade and delight Spanish-speaking customers, which is why our services go way beyond simple translation or software localisation. We offer continuous cultural consultancy about Spanish-speaking markets across the globe, which allows our SaaS customers to:

  • Correctly identify and target their ideal customers
  • Craft culturally relevant campaigns without compromising on brand consistency
  • Reduce subscription customer churn
  • Become known in their market space and stand out from the competition
  • Accelerate growth
  • Maintain a healthy customer base
  • Create a seamless, enjoyable user experience
  • Increase customer satisfaction
  • Stay agile and get ahead of the pace-of-change
  • Keep a cohesive global marketing strategy

Google Translate is one of the forms of machine translation, also known as automatic translation. Google Translate and other similar tools work by automatically converting words and phrases, with no human input, from one language into another. This software bases its results on databases and statistics, and they are sometimes really accurate, especially since the introduction of neural machine translation.

However, machine translation only works well with small factual snippets of text where the meaning is unambiguous and there’s no creativity involved. Because they work with words and not with language (unlike human translators), machines cannot understand context. Neither can they spot mistakes in the source text or pick up the nuances of a language.

As a result, content aimed at eliciting an emotional response in your audience with the purpose of getting them to buy from you should be left in the hands of human experts. While you might need to make a sizable upfront investment, it will save you money long-term by skyrocketing your ROI.

Businesses are continually vying for attention on consumer’s timelines and trying to drive traffic towards their websites. One of the most effective digital marketing methods is through search engine optimisation or SEO. In other words, SEO involves taking steps to rank higher on Google and other engines.

International companies that are serious about their global marketing invest time, effort, and money in ranking high on search engines in every market in which they operate, not just in their home market. As a result, SEO Translation is in increasing demand among translation clients, because simply translating keywords literally doesn’t cut it.

You may have heard of ‘multilingual SEO’, many treat it as a synonym of SEO translation, but they aren’t. Put simply, SEO translation is just one of the links in the multilingual SEO chain. A multilingual SEO strategy concerns aspects that go beyond a translator’s competencies, such as market research, product-market fit, website hosting and domain structure, multilingual ads, and so forth.

As SEO Translation specialists, we examine things such as local search behaviour, cultural influence on searching habits, preferred local brands, language use, user experience, etc. We then optimise content for each target market, which translates into higher rankings, more traffic, and more sales.