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Take a look at everything we can do for you! Whatever the language, we want you to say what you mean.


We provide high quality, accurate translations of all kinds of texts for companies and individuals across the globe. We work from and into English, Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and German.


We ensure that you have the most accurate, consistent, reliable, and grammatically correct text possible, in any language you need.


We also provide face-to-face and over-the-phone interpreting services, including consecutive, simultaneous, and whispering interpretation.


We offer quick and accurate transcription services designed for a wide range of audio or video file formats.


We lead the translation industry in providing broadcast quality subtitling and captioning translations.

Content Writing

We can help your company provide engaging, user-oriented online content for clients and prospects worldwide, improve search engine rankings, and convert traffic into leads and customers.

With the proliferation of technology and digital devices, the way companies work and do business has changed dramatically. For example, digital presence and content translation into other languages have become compulsory for success. Even though many think that creating content only in English is enough, the fact is that only 35% Internet users speak English. Therefore, companies with their content available in other languages can create more business opportunities. Spanish, for example, is one of the most spoken languages online.

Let us help you speak to your audience in their language. We specialise in Marketing, IT, and Legal translations. Moreover, our 10+ years of combined experience mean we know the translation industry inside out. You need great quality translations that allow you to convey your messages clearly, so that nobody will notice they are reading a translation. Also, you need your content to read naturally and be appealing to your prospects. In other words… you need us!

At Crisol Translation Services you will find seamless communication and a familial atmosphere. We work in such synergy that you will feel you are being served by one human being with multiple brains. Plus, we are super friendly and our strong partnership is based upon impecable work ethic! Give us a go and you will soon find yourself coming back, like every other one of our clients. We will be awaiting with open arms!




Antonella Racca

Senior Translator and CFO

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Maria Scheibengraf

Senior Translator and Operations Manager

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Paula Tiezzi

Senior Translator and Quality Assurance Manager

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Julieta Pussetto

Senior Translator and HR Manager

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Meet Our Team

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Antonella Racca

Antonella Racca

Translator and CFO

Antonella graduated from the National University of Cordoba, Argentina, in 2016, and has worked as a translator for over four years now. At Crisol, apart from translating and editing on a daily basis, she is in charge of presenting and reporting accurate financial information including invoices, purchase orders, payroll, and taxes. Antonella speaks Spanish, English, and a bit of Italian.

María Scheibengraf

María Scheibengraf

Translator and Operations Manager

María is a translator with over seven years of experience who has lived in London on and off since 2014. At Crisol, she is responsible for overseeing all operations, monitoring existing processes, and devising strategic plans to improve productivity and efficiency. María speaks Spanish, English, and a bit of German, Italian, and Portuguese. She is also a certified member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists (UK).

Paula Tiezzi

Paula Tiezzi

Translator and QA Manager

Paula is both a translator and a teacher of English as a second language. At Crisol, she monitors all quality-related processes to ensure the provision of top-notch services. Her great eye for details means no projects are sent back to our clients without her signing them off first. Paula speaks Spanish, English, Catalan, and a bit of Italian.

Julieta Pussetto

Julieta Pussetto

Translator and HR Manager

Julieta is the travelling member of the team. She is a very experienced translator who has visited almost every country in Latin America and is currently living in Italy. At Crisol, she is in charge of recruiting talented translators from all over the world. Julieta speaks Spanish, English, Italian, and a bit of Portuguese.

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